Status of Cable & Streaming TV Shows (E-L), Cancelled or Renewed? Judge Olivia Lockhart (Andie MacDowell) is considered the community's guiding light in the picturesque coastal town of Cedar Cove, Washington. “Debbie Macomber’s Dashing Through the Snow” premieres 12/12 on Hallmark Movies & Mysteries. Hallmark’s first scripted TV series debuted in July 2013 to 2.62 million viewers. Cedar Cove is an American drama television series on the Hallmark Channel that began on … I never thought it would make it as long as it did. Western Red Cedar exterior siding or cladding comes in a spectrum of patterns, including the one that is just right for your home’s style and your budget. I have just watched all of Chesapeake Shores 1st season and I did love it. Olivia’s House: Pilot Episode The Girl City and Colour. Overlooking upper Galveston Bay, Cedar Cove RV Resort is in an ideal location for many fun recreational activities! But like everyone else, Olivia fights the battle of balancing career with family. Cedar Cove was a wonderful show. Report Inappropriate Content. A sortable list in reading order and chronological order with publication date, genre, and rating. In the two-part third season, Jack’s past becomes an issue for Olivia when she learns that her lover had a relapse not too long ago. It was good n needs to continue! ACCENT CHAIRS. We thoroughly enjoyed watching all three seasons of Cedar Cove and would definitely like to see it continued for many more seasons. You said it perfectly , American viewers want trash, smut,filth sells, even kids watch it in their own homes.Morals and family values went out the window when some parents forgot their children for their own [censored] and party hardy.I see enough reality in my neighbor hood,why do I want to watch it on T.V.You all have a blessed day. I’m really disappointed ☹️ I was looking forward to its return. This is a pay service, like Netflix, Hulu, etc. It was an honor to bring to life the kindness, consideration and courage of this story that Debbie Macomber envisioned. It was a wonderful series and my daughter and I have loved watching it together ❤️. Cedar Cove was wonderful. During this time of covid, we need uplifting stories about small towns that work. Do you like the Cedar Cove TV show? Rather disappointed. Olivia and Stan have a surviving child, Jordan’s twin sister Justine, who lives in Cedar Cove. Leaving us all in a cliff hanger. Unfortunately, nope. I could watch it with my five year old. Olivia makes the news when she denies the petition for divorce between Cecilia and Ian Randall. I think if Gilmore Girls is bringing back 4 new episodes to conclude their series after 10 years, I think we should get a concluding episode(s) with Cedar Cove. The first season of Cedar Cove averaged about two million viewers. I guess I need the finish the books now. Waiting a long time. Hallmark, please reconsider bringing back Cedar Cove, Season Four. Hallmark Channel has cancelled their first scripted TV show after three seasons and 36 episodes. The network confirmed the cancellation in a statement:. She's subtle, smart and entirely believable. Click here for Forum Tips. One thing I hate is an unfinished story. You’ll see Andie MacDowell produce & star in “The Beach House” based on the novel by Mary Alice Monroe. I am very unhappy this show was cancelled. At least on Hart of Dixie when they knew the show wasn't coming back they did an ending show to tie up the loose ends. I hate that Cedar Cove canceled I loved it. Our heartfelt thanks go out to the extraordinary cast, writers, artists and designers — especially Andie MacDowell, executive producer and show runner Sue Tenney, and of course, Debbie Macomber. Very sad. ACCENT TABLES. Why was it cancelled? Created by Bruce Graham. Located near the end of Tri City Beach road, close to the historic Thompsons Fish … One of few newer series worth watching. Follows the professional and personal life of Municipal Court Judge Olivia Lockhart and the surrounding townsfolk of Cedar Cove. Cedar Cove revolves around Olive (Andie MacDowell), a single mother from a small seaside community who’s also a municipal court judge. I am so disappointed that Cedar Cove will not return. It needs to be put back on.. Especially since her love interest is a bad-boy, recovering alcoholic, tell-all journalist, Jack Griffith. No infringement of previously copyrighted material is intended on this site. Fans really wanted to see what would happen to Olivia Lockhart in season 4 of Cedar Cove. I enjoyed the show but I felt the main character Olivia was weak very unlike the character in the books. Would Justine find her way in life. Popular Songs. Subscribe to our automatic notifications and be informed if there is a change of plans for Cedar Cove. Cedar Cove is an American/Canadian drama-romance TV series that is based on the book series by Debbie Macomber. All rights reserved. I was looking forward to the next season to find there is not one. As you can see from the many comments, I am not alone. Updated December 4, 2016: As the third season of Cedar Cove, a Hallmark Channel drama and romance came to an end, an official announcement of a cancelation of further production was released. I truly would like to know who they are polling on these ratings, everywhere I look and all the people I know religiously watch this show each week , so the cancellation due to ratings does not seem true to me and I certainly disagree. Hallmark should have done the same thing with this show, too. So bummed :sad: :sad: So disappointed that this is cancelled! The 2nd season starts in august we hope but I loved Cedar Cove because I read the books. Very upsetting that this show only had 3 seasons. I binge watched on Netflix and loved the show. The second season averaged 1.87 million and the third season averaged 1.67 million. Just a video of my favourite couple from Cedar Cove - Grace and Cliff. The third season of the show premiered in the US on the Hallmark Channel on July 18, 2015. So Andie McDowell ends up on the small screen where all older actresses of a certain age end up and with cosmetic surgery very similar to Rene Zellweger's. Unfortunately this petition has been closed, we need to open a new one. RUGS. I agree that the cancellation can't be from ratings because everyone I know also watches this series and talk about it the next day!!! All the other characters were exceptional and endearing while the character of I Olivia seems cold and unemotional. The drama, Hallmarks's first attempt at a scripted series, has received generally favorable critic reviews, but the ratings of this uncomplicated and not very engaging series have steadily declined over the three seasons. You’ll see Barbara Niven star with Alison Sweeney in the next installment of ‪#‎MurderSheBaked‬: A Plum Pudding Mystery” premiering 11/22 also on Hallmark Movies & Mysteries. In "Engagements," TV Guide reports that the judge will be coaching the new district attorney on the facts of love. This was one of my favorite shows. I am sad cedar cove is canceled love that show need to bring it back. Very unsatisfying. Please bring it back, So sad Cedar Cove is cancelled There are very few shows left to watch that are clean & have a good story line I hope Hallmark changes it's mind & returns it At least do a final show letting people know how it ends. Would you like to see the characters return some day? Engagements What was the name of the song playing in the bar? Runaway Paul opens up to Olivia and urges her to remain wary of Liz's intentions; Jack risks his job at the Seattle Courier to defend Jeri. After Jack moves in, Olivia grows unsettled as she unpacks boxes full of memories from his past. As fans of the series know, Cedar Cove was unexpectedly cancelled after season three. I absolutely LOVED Cedar Cove and I was so disappointed that it was canceled. It really sucks that Cedar Cove was cancelled with a ton of unanswered questions. Don't cancel it for good. For specific Western Red Cedar siding grades, please visit the siding grading page. Hallmark has cancelled Cedar Cove after three seasons, there will not be a Season 4.. Do you think that it should have been cancelled or renewed for a fourth season? The cable channel announced the cancellation on their Facebook page. Sad Cedar cove is gone, but thinking viewership declines are due to people missing episodes accidentally. I feel that the audience deserves a conclusion to the show. Based on author Debbie Macomber's book series of the same name, Cedar Cove focused on Municipal Court Judge Olivia Lockhart's professional and personal life and the townsfolk surrounding her. Cedar Cove was the first series launched on Hallmark Channel, and we are incredibly proud of the exquisitely beautiful three season arc it delivered. Bring it back. The Houses of Cedar Cove. The rest of the cast includes Dylan Neal, Teryl Rothery, Sarah Smyth, Colin Ferguson, Bruce Boxleitner, Barbara Niven, Brennan Elliot, Corey Sevier, Sebastion Spence, Tom Stevens, Jesse Hutch, Jesse Moss, Emily Tennant, and Timothy Webber. They ask viewers for an allegiance then [censored] them. In the dramatic return to Cedar Cove, Olivia and Jack take time apart after her devastating discovery of his relapse, leading them both on a painful search for forgiveness. What a disappointing ending. It is one of the best shows on. The complete third and final season of the Hallmark Channel drama Cedar Cove, based on the book series by Debbie Macomber, that follows the private and professional life of small-town judge and divorcée Olivia Lockhart (Andie MacDowell). And you’ll see Brennan Elliott star with Mariah Carey & Lacey Chabert in the premiere of ‪#‎AChristmasMelody‬ Dec 19th on Hallmark Channel USA! It is patently clear, from the ongoing myriad letters you received that your decision to cancel Cedar Cove, after a final episode that was anything but final, was ill-advised, poorly planned, and ultimately, foolish on your part. It's a disgrace ... One of the only channels that shows non violent wholesome television and they cancel my favorite show!! Although the network has not released any official news on the fate of the show, we are sure that its popularity will warrant its return. This is the first novel of the series Cedar Cove which is a Perennial favourite where Debbie Macomber introduces her fans to the attractive Pacific Northwest town of Cedar Cove in Washington. So fed up with this practice of networks showing a few seasons, getting people hooked then just dropping a show. I can’t imagine why anyone would cancel it. more. It's Debbie Macomber's Cedar Cove, near Seattle, and Hallmark Channel as they pair up to produce a winner for all the family. Status of FOX TV Shows, 2020-21 Season Ratings for New TV Shows (week 12), Showtime TV Show Ratings (updated 12/15/20). The couples of Cedar Cove are search for middle ground while family revelations, a hasty proposal and a heartfelt confession lead up to Grace's big wedding day. Season 3 ended with a “cliff hanger” and we wanted to know what Olivia said to Paul. Series list: Cedar Cove (14 Books) by Debbie Macomber. While Cedar Cove won’t be returning for Season 4, our beloved ‪#‎CedarCove‬ cast are all still part of the family! DMCA. I really love the Hallmark channels. The last episode of Cedar Cove aired on September 26th and ended with lots of unanswered questions. Learn how your comment data is processed. SKU:23014258. read more. What a lovely story Due to Covid ordered hallmark channel enjoyed Good Witch so much tried Cedar Cove and loved it This show should be brought back. It was the network's first original scripted series. The Cedar Grove end table combines slate and wood for a beautiful look. Cedar Cove is a small lakeside town full of romance and drama. Sucks it was cancelled. Fans won’t be seeing what happens to Olivia Lockhart in a fourth season of Cedar Cove. There should have been a season 4. Here’s the statement: Cedar Cove was the first series launched on Hallmark Channel, and we are incredibly proud of the exquisitely beautiful three season arc it delivered. :eek: I'm sad this show was canceled. Jack was whiney and boring; Olivia was mundane with a daughter who had no substance to her at all and was expressionless --a horrible actress for that part. How about a two hour movie to end it?!!! Real disappointed in Hallmark for cancelling this show without tying up the individual character's stories! If it could not be renewed for another season, I think there should be a conclusion. More about: Cedar Cove, Cedar Cove: canceled or renewed?, Cedar Cove: ratings. What a great show! The conclusion of the two-part season finale of Cedar Cove aired on Saturday night, bringing some of the season-long story arcs to a close while leaving far too many up … I didnt get into the show but my mom rarely finds something she likes. Books and TV episodes are all different, but closely related, just ask the knitting gals. Being the Municipal Court Judge of a small town like Cedar Cove isn’t easy, because everyone looks up to you for advice and thinks of you as the community’s guiding light. I hope you enjoy the tour!!! The fallout from Paul’s decision leads to a surprising confession that leaves Olivia with a big question to answer. Hopefully, we will see Cedar Cove Season 4 some time in the upcoming year. Though the TV show lasted three seasons, the ratings dropped each year. So disappointing. Unfortunately, I feel most people were in love with the idea of Cedar Cove rather than the show itself---such as the setting of a beautiful small town with a small town atmosphere and where everyone knows everyone else. You should sell it to Netflix for a 4th season. We loved everything about it from the amazing cast, location, and story plot. It is a privilege to continue a creative working relationship with the incredible talents associated with this series — both in front of and behind the camera – for upcoming projects on Hallmark Channel USA and Hallmark Movies & Mysteries. Tensions rise between Paul and Jack during Cedar Cove's annual charity baseball game when Paul's sister pries into her brother's relationship with Olivia. I am so mad that I am boycotting the hallmark channel and will not watch another program on it again until you get it together and start listening to your faithful viewers! I just watched the whole series on Netflix. Television for the most part is connected to the sewer pipe, set up for morons who love to watch the same [censored] they can witness on any street corner. In a small town, when everyone knows everyone's business, it makes for multi-plot episodes (like the Cedar Cove books.) Can't imagine why you would cancel without closure of the story lines. Please bring it back. Cedar Cove the place will stick with me the way Stars Hollow did, but unlike the characters from The Gilmore Girls, the residents of Cedar Cove won't be with me forever because the writing just wasn't quality work. LIGHTING. When Cecilia Randall, and her naval officer husband, Ian, appear in Judge Olivia Lockhart's Cedar Cove family court, they expect the good judge to grant the divorce they seek. We also wanted to know what happened to some of the other story lines/characters on the show. I can't believe this show was canceled!! I wish they would make at least one more season to wrap things up and give us a proper ending. The only thing different about Andie from the other Cedar Cove cast members is she can really act. No filth, good morals, good lessons to learn for all, just good family films. As promised, here is a gathering of the houses of Cedar Cove. I'm upset to see that season 4 of Cedar cove was cancelled I love watching this show I so hope 2 see season 4 n more to come. Cedar Cove appeared to have novice actors with a boring and unbelievable script. HOME ACCENTS + FREE SHIPPING Add the finishing touch. Cedar Cove was fun. I want to know what happens!!! Not fair to your loyal Hallmark fans to leave us hanging. Hope Chesapeake Shores is much better. Olivia Lockhart (Andie McDowell) is the presiding family court judge of Cedar Cove. Bevel Siding. Finding love with Jack adds a whole new set of challenges. I gotta agree with these posts. Based on the series of books by Debbie Macomber, this romantic drama follows the life of Olivia Lockhart (Andie MacDowell), a municipal court judge from the small seaside community of Cedar Cove. Copyright © 2015 PremiereDate.News. Hallmark officially renewed Chesapeake Shores for Season 5 to premiere in Summer 2021, Hallmark officially renewed Good Witch for Season 7 to premiere in 2021. Cedar Cove is an American-Canadian drama television series on the Hallmark Channel that aired for three seasons from July 20, 2013, to September 26, 2015. I am real disappointed that they left the ending like this and canceled the show. I just finished the series. Love love love. Consumer assembly required. I like Andie MacDowell as an actor but I felt that she was not a good fit for this part. A curved metal base offers decorative support. Although you did not follow the storyline of Debbie Macomber’s books, it was a ‘feel good’ story and in today’s climate we need more of the same. I just watched all 3 seasons of cedar cove on netflix i cannot believe that the hallmark channel cancelled this show! For starters, we don’t know who Olivia would have picked at the end of season 3. Copyright © TV Series Finale. Sorry. Watched all three seasons on Netflix and enjoyed them all, but now discover that it will not be returning. If it cost too much than make it an Netflix Original. I need to see what happens to everyone. When I got the the end of season 3 I could not believe that this series did not continue. If you missed last weeks Cedar Cove Introduction, you can read it here. What do you think? Receive automatic notifications when Cedar Cove Season 4 is renewed. Pleases bring the show back. I am crazy about this show and I am so sad that it is cancelled. It’s incredibly disappointing that this show was cancelled after only 3 seasons. I binge-watched it hoping that the end of season 3 would at least tie things up since I saw that it ended in 2015. Like another reviewer, I also was pulled into The Good Witch (not quite finished with that series), but kept seeing Cedar Cove pop up on Netflix. Privacy Policy. Fans won’t be seeing what happens to Olivia Lockhart in a fourth season of Cedar Cove. But, then I was hooked. Viewers were never given the chance to say goodbye and actors were never given the opportunity to end this popular series respectfully. Olivia does her best to balance her career with family and finding love — all the while doing her best to care for the township she calls home. Olivia's (Andie McDowell) will find herself giving some love advices to Paul (Colin Ferguson) in the upcoming episode of Hallmark Channel's drama series "Cedar Cove." Hopefully they will make it more interesting and maybe bring it back. I am very disappointed with Hallmark for leaving the fans hanging without an end. I recently started watching and I just loved it . My mom liked the show alot. Poor Cedar Cove. It took a couple of episodes to suspend disbelief and let myself fall for Cedar Cove and its eccentric characters. Really bummed out over this. Hallmark Channel TV Show Ratings (updated 7/7/20), 159 Ending or Cancelled TV Shows for the 2014-15 Season, 45 Ending or Cancelled TV Shows for the 2020-21 Season, The CW 2020-21 Season Ratings (updated 12/16/20), FOX 2020-21 Season Ratings (updated 12/16/20), Viewer Votes Ranking for the 2020-21 Network TV Shows, NBC 2020-21 Season Ratings (updated 12/16/20), ABC 2020-21 Season Ratings (updated 12/16/20), CBS 2020-21 Season Ratings (updated 12/16/20), Cancelled or Renewed? Bring back Cedar Cove!! Loved the show, very disappointing. You Might Like. Please, please, please continue it. There is so many questions. I know, I read all the books and loved them was watching the shows, can't believe the cancel this and play absolutely nothing on there now. I think this show had the perfect cast that just meshed. It is romantic, uncomplicated and warm, and gives viewers a sort of bead & breakfast feeling. But, the "idea" did not live up to what was expected from such a great setting because the script and actors were all very week. Every time I find a good show i want to follow, it is cancelled. But the Hallmark Channel canceled it, announcing the end … Meanwhile, her role as the community leader is tested with issues thrown at her from every which side by her family and friends. Message 2 of 16 (2,369 Views) Reply. Olivia is divorced from Stan, torn apart after the tragic, accidental drowning death of their son, Jordan. But Olivia senses the couple still love one another and just need time to work on their marriage in the wake of their infant daughter's death. but they are good, clean movies. Hallmark Channel has cancelled their first scripted  TV show after three seasons and 36 episodes. Five years later and the fans can’t get enough. One person in the middle of it all is Judge Olivia Lockhart, whose municipal court unveils the town’s secrets and serves as a microcosm of the personal issues that she faces with her own family and friends. Updated December 4, 2016: As the third season of Cedar Cove, a Hallmark Channel drama and romance came to an end, an official announcement of a cancelation of further production was released. This Way Levi Stephens. It was refreshing there was a show on that did not have violence, cussing, and all the other bad stuff that continually plays on TV now days. I was enjoying it so much. So Olivia denies their petitio And left things they way they did its not fair they need to tie up loose ends or bring it back!!!! The characters include a family court judge Olivia Lockhart. Especially since the ending of season three left so much unanswered! I got very invested in the characters and watching the series has just made life a little more “okay” right now. I want a 4th season to continue. And check out my giveaway at the end of this post!!! BARSTOOLS. They need to bring the show back and tie up the loose ends. The series has enjoyed some of the highest ratings of all Hallmark Channel’s shows. Maybe Pureflix should start making some series programs like Netflix does. If you're not going to renew it, at least write or do something that gives the viewers some answers. I was pretty upset for see the show was canceled I wish it would come back so does my wife. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Olivia Lockhart definitely has the character to be that light, although at times it’s difficult for her to balance her public, work and personal lives. I have been watching for the return for could have at least closed the story lines with one more season! Starring Andie MacDowell, Dylan Neal and Tery Rothery this series revolves around the life of Olivia Lockhart – Cedar Cove Municipal Court Judge. With Andie MacDowell, Dylan Neal, Sarah Smyth, Teryl Rothery. Basically television sucks. Outside the US, the series also airs in the UK, Greece, Turkey and Germany. Answer 1 of 17: Is there a specific town where Cedar Cove was filmed in north Vancouver where I can visit Barbara Niven talks about Hallmark's Chesapeake Shores, Cedar Cove, family, romance, her new boyfriend and comfort TV. Cedar Cove RV Resort is located on Galveston Bay, in Baytown, TX. I was well-entertained with the show until the season finale ended with multiple loose ends and cliff hangings going on--a good 4 star show at that point. All Rights Reserved. Please bring it back. I only occasionally watch now. I'm with Jennifer. Very sad about season 4.