You will see the lions in their outdoor compound and have an opportunity to feed them. They do such brilliant work within our community, so we were honoured to host families from the charities they support and provide them with a great day out. Discount time is limited,use the discount code and book now. West Midlands Safari Park Gift Vouchers Overview. Timings on certain dates will run an hour earlier. The Safari Park, along with many other wildlife parks in the UK, support lemur conservation groups such as the LemurConservation Association (AEECL), by hosting lemur awareness weeks and fundraising activities. We have been working very closely with the Development Team to ensure that the new facilities provide stimulating and enriching environments for the animals, as well as an amazing immersive experience for our guests. West Midland Safari Park is getting ready for a pumpkin-packed celebration this Halloween season with its annual Spooky Spectacular event, and there is a mystery a-foot! “As dusk falls across the Safari Park, we hope lots of families are able to join in the Halloween fun and help head wizard, Wilbert, in his quest to find all the hidden ingredients across the Park’s Discovery Trail. West Midlands Safari Park Tips and Tricks Using a West Midlands Safari Park voucher Select an offer, copy the code if one is provided and follow the link to the West Midlands Safari Park website where you can use the ‘Buy Tickets’ tab to select your date and tickets of choice. money. Click on the link to download the Summer Press Pack (information valid until 6th November 2020). Tickets are now available to book online. They had to work at teasing the worms out of the holes, just like they would do in the wild and also enjoyed digging at the base of the tree, to try to topple it over!’. Additionally, people can even get involved with the fundraising from the comfort of their own sofa by visiting Disabled pass holders must produce relevant and valid proof of disability, such as a blue badge or receipt of DLA, on each visit to gain free entry for their carer. African elephants are classed as ‘vulnerable’ by the IUCN (International Union for the Conservation of Nature), due to threats such as poaching, habitat loss, illegal hunting and human-elephant conflict. The Annual Pass does not cover the holder for entry into the Fireworks Festival. days, which 11.00am – You are now free to spend the rest of the day at your leisure in the Safari Drive-through, Discovery Trail, and African Village. Having raised over £500k for local charities over nearly two decades, this year the Worcestershire Ambassadors are focussing on mental health organisations in the county, namely St Paul’s Hostel and Worcester Community Trust. There is also the four-mile self-drive safari, where guests can spot the latest babies – Grace and Gamba the Grévy’s zebra foals, Gerald the baby Rothschild’s giraffe and southern white rhino calf, Granville. At present, we don’t know the sex as dad is doing his job and being very protective. This experience gives you the chance to meet and participate in the feeding of our tigers before the Park is open to the general public. Senior Ungulate Keeper, Sarah Cartwright said, At the time of his birth, the Park confirmed that the calf’s name would begin with the letter ‘I’, mirroring the naming of all other animals born on-site in 2020. Speak to our Experiences Team regarding what dates and times are available. Book exclusive use of the whole jeep for only £925.00. It was great to see the lemurs excitedly finding the roses, passing them to each other and investigating the new smells, textures and tastes. Sutton is the first and only baby elephant to be born at the Park in its 46-year history and was eagerly awaited, following a lengthy 22-month pregnancy. West Midland Safari Park is getting ready to charm guests this Halloween season with its annual Spooky Spectacular event and this year, there’s magic in the air! Staff at West Midland Safari Park have been treating their big cats to some seasonal gifts – their very own Easter eggs. For example, Hercules and Hunter are both very placid boys who really enjoy exploring and seeing what the keepers are up to, but then on the other hand we have Havoc, a playful soul that likes nothing more than fooling around with his older relatives and even trying to push the buttons of his Grandmother, Kayli. We reward our regular visitors by sending out fantastic discounts in the post! As the children are all aged five themselves, they knew exactly what a young elephant turning the same age would like and suggested that no party is complete without a cake. From day one, dad will do 90% of carrying the infant and mum will just do the feeding, which is a nice treat on Mother’s Day. Upstairs will be a bedroom, offering spectacular views across the brand-new elephant habitats. Five Star Days is the perfect place for great gift ideas. Any surplus trees are donated to the animals. Sarah explained, “Breeding overall is exceptionally important for the future of the rhino as a species, not only to increase numbers, but to also protect the breeding females alongside recognising and understanding any difficulties they may face during the whole process of pregnancy and parturition. Staff at West Midland Safari Park have been busy behind the scenes, to make an impact on the conservation of rhinos, including an important research paper, fundraising and saying goodbye to one of the herd. The calf is currently un-named, but the Park can reveal it will begin with the letter ‘I’ mirroring the naming of all other animals born on-site in 2020. Born on Tuesday 8 September to eleven-year-old female Seto, and twelve-year-old male Rap, Inesh has been venturing out with his mother into the Park’s Rhino House paddock, where guests have been able to spot him trotting around and even doing a spot of sunbathing in the last of the summer sunshine. Visit and follow the link for the ‘Save the Rhino Evening’. 8.40am – Arrive at WMSP main drive and pull over on the left-hand side. The Park is home to a pod of six common hippopotamus – the largest pod in Europe, which spend most of their time wallowing on the mud bank next to their lake. Keepers are celebrating at West Midland Safari Park, following the appearance of a ‘critically endangered’ teeny-tiny pancake tortoise. You will be driven into the midst of our Lion Reserve, now comes the opportunity to feed the lions! Additionally, guests will be able to learn some fun facts about lions and see which members of the pride they have spotted out on the safari, by studying a new ID chart. One discounted (Annual Pass) or complementary (Annual Pass PLUS) wristband will be issued per day for the pass holder during the Summer Season. They are the only place where you can wake up to an amazing view of African elephants, making the experience truly unique. One of the keepers will join you; this will give you opportunity to ask any final questions. West Midland Safari Park has said it will reopen its gates after the second lockdown as it prepares for a 'difficult winter'. You will then have the opportunity to meet with our highly experienced Carnivore Keepers who will be happy to answer any questions you may have. For those interested in studying an animal related course from Level 1 upwards, they can contact the Safari Park Education Team on 01299 404888 or by email: Although carrots and apples are usually the first choice for treats, the Park is currently abundant with pumpkins – part of the theming for the annual Spooky Spectacular event, which is running until Sunday 1. Therefore, to save the pumpkins going to waste, the keepers often swap the cabbage for the spooky squashes, which also forms part of the hippos’ daily enrichment programme, aiming to encourage natural behaviours. “To have results that are above the national average for both year groups in level 3, and to have obtained our best ever results for level 2 in the same year, is fantastic. You will get to give them their breakfast and let them out into their fantastic woodland exhibit. She then carried them away to protect them from her companion Nakal and started tearing them apart to get to the meat hidden inside. After holding this species of rhino for over ten years, this is our first calf to be born at the Park.”, “We acquired Seto and Rap as youngsters and have been able to watch them grow and mature over time; which makes it even more momentous to see them produce their own calf. One of the Keepers will join you for lunch and will be able to tell you about the other animals at the Park too. 9.00am – First stop will be at our Meerkat House. I fully expect to see and hear more of Kate in the industry, as her career continues to shine!”. Adventure Theme Park rides are charged extra. The adorable youngster is one of three baby douroucouli born at the Park, since its parents’ arrival. Browse the most popular West Midlands Safari Park Vouchers, Offers and other free offers for January. She said, “. (2 days ago) Book your tickets online using West Midlands Safari Park vouchers and you could save money on a weekend adventure. Keepers at West Midland Safari Park are celebrating the birth of three tiny, cute and incredibly fluffy chinchilla babies! This is why we are asking our guests to help to support two important rhino conservation projects, through fundraising for Save the Rhino International, during Rhino Week.”. Work has started at West Midland Safari Park for the first phase of their exciting, brand-new development, which includes onsite accommodation and upgraded animal facilities. On Friday 18 October, Penny, along with the Regional Course Coordinator, Dr David Beeston, came to the Safari Park to present Kate with her award and certificate, in front of an audience of Kate’s colleagues, family and senior management. Please be aware that during the holidays and summer months, it can take longer to get through the front gates. The three boisterous youngsters were born on 9 March, but keepers have only recently met the pups face-to-face, as for the first ten weeks of their lives, they were kept hidden away in their den by seven-year-old mum, Berri. Please check your junk mail folder if you have not received it within 20 minutes. Senior Carnivore Keeper, Huw Owen-Jones said, “It is an honour to lend our names to such brilliant animals. Panoramic views of the cheetahs’ new habitat can be witnessed through the large windows that span one side of the lodge. Participants must simply take their picture at one of the Park’s spooky locations and upload to Instagram or the Park’s Facebook page, tagging #WMSP. 12.30pm – Now it’s time to help the keeper present the Penguin Feed. For example, as a Facilities Assistant, at this time of year, you could be helping park cars one day, then decorating the Park’s Christmas trees the next! We really are so proud to be the recipients of this award and to be recognised for continuing to deliver a fantastic day out to our guests. “Our wildlife administrator, Rosie Wilkes, then carefully checks our animal record system to ensure the census adds up correctly. £400.00 per person or £700.00 for two people, Meeting and feeding our tigers, cheetahs and lions. The egg was very different from anything they have ever had before. Double check the offer and any terms here first. Come face-to-face with our herd of giraffe and participate in their morning feed before the Park is open to the general public. Once they have collected all of the ingredients in their potion bottles, they will receive a magical sweet treat for their efforts. This is not the first time the lemurs have been involved with a bit of romance. The children and keepers then watched as Sutton excitedly opened his presents and shared his cake and birthday treats with his mum, 27-year-old Five. The rhinos like to stand on them as it squishes them into bite-sized pieces. Admission includes a Free Return Ticket. Head down to the African Village and meet our Lemur Keeper and photographer. Chris said, “I am delighted to be joining the team at West Midland Safari Park, at such an exciting time. The long-tailed chinchilla youngsters, known as ‘kits’ were born to first-time parents, Gladys and Julian, who can normally be seen in the Park’s Friendly Animal Encounters and Safari Academy classroom sessions. You can use your VIP wristband for unlimited rides in the Adventure Theme Park, explore the rest of the Discovery Trail or take a tour around the Safari in your own car. More Offers Of Store ››. Click to find Flying Experiences that are certain to make a great gift. Your Safari Guide will take photographs of all your encounters, which we will put on a memory stick for you to take home. Unlike other tortoises, their shells are flexible, making them lighter and speedier too. Although Inesh will never fully understand how important he is to the future of their species, we really hope that our guests get to understand just know just how special he is, and we can continue to build even more awareness of rhino conservation.”. Summer is usually a very busy time for the Midlands attraction, but the Park is limiting visitor numbers, meaning that all guests will have to in advance, via the Park’s website: Guests can sign-up for news, development updates and booking information, by visiting. To get your unique discount code, visit the relevant website and enter your details. WMSP e-Gift Vouchers are sent as ‘e-Tickets’ and can be downloaded digitally and printed at home. Another tactic is making ice lollies, suitable for a carnivore’s palette, so instead of being made of fruit, juice and water, are made of meat frozen in a mix of water and blood! West Midland Safari Park is pleased to announce that planning has been granted for the first phase of development at the popular visitor attraction. The gift recipient will then just need to book tickets online and enter their unique code at the end of the checkout process via. -- Guests are also encouraged to attend in Halloween fancy dress to join in with the frightful fun. Baby animals of Hartley’s size have to be monitored by keepers, so will not be on show until he’s a lot bigger. The next steps for the cubs are to get them used to a few extra vehicles in the safari, ready for their debut with the public this half term and to celebrate, the Park will be hosting a few extra lion-themed activities. We drilled small holes into the baubles and filled them with mealworms, which encouraged the meerkats to be physically and mentally active during the cold weather. Dholes are classed as ‘endangered’ in the wild, so it’s great news for the species that we have such a successful breeding programme at the Park. These penguins are ‘vulnerable’ in the wild, with numbers as low as 12,000 – just 4,000 breeding pairs. not guarantee the authenticity of any coupon or promo code. ... Great Offer: E-gift Voucher From 5 - 250. Students attending West Midland Safari Park’s Animal Courses have had a great start to the year, with some excellent exam results and exceeding the national pass rate. Choose a denomination from £5 – £250 and your friend or family member can use this to purchase e-tickets, Annual Passes and online extras for up to 12 months! Meet and feed our lions in the state-of-the-art Lion House then. Sutton was named after inspirational teenager Stephen Sutton, following a Facebook competition where over 4,000 people chose the name as a tribute. Inesh had never seen one before so he was very interested in what it was. Senior Ungulate Keeper, Sarah Cartwright said, “The rhinos love investigating new things so as we only have pumpkins over Halloween, it means they really enjoy them. ... New West Midlands Safari Park lodges overlook spectacular elephants and cheetahs. The Worcestershire Ambassadors are a group of individuals who share a common passion for Worcestershire and an enthusiasm to create a county to be proud of. This involves feeding them, cleaning the lion house, target training the three male lions, patrolling the reserves and creating enrichment for the lions to interact with. Ian Nock, Deputy Head Keeper of Ungulates, said, “It is an important part of a keeper’s job to try and provide enrichment in different ways for the animals in our care. Following the results, the students will now decide to either continue their education at the Safari Park and advance to the next level, or leave the Safari Academy to go to university or find a work alternative. The Park is also running a competition throughout the event, where visitors have the chance to win a family Annual Pass. Each new thing is interesting to them in a different way.”, She continued, “We loved watching the boys eggsplore their new toy. One member of the pack, Bella, even spent a lot of time in the den when they were first born, helping to keep the pups warm. Kate said, “The award was always an achievement that people spoke about, but I never imagined getting. Please remain in your vehicle and your Safari Guide will meet you. 10.30am – Now it is time to clean out the Rhino House, remove the muck, and turn the bark – so we hope you are prepared for hard work! Also help to clean out the Lemur Woods entrance at 11.50am where you get. Bobbing ’ cute, endangered dhole ( Asiatic wild dog ) pups 12 months the. An overnight stay like nowhere else in Europe chicks bring the total number of in. Suitable for children and adults alike the ‘ save the Rhino International, are working to the... Is already a big part of Birmingham Metropolitan College ( BMET ) purchased alongside at one. Hope, Worcester also sent a thoughtful note of thanks: “ thank to., people can even get involved with the frightful fun which overlooks the elephants ’ brand-new habitat, providing views! And get your unique discount code, visit the four-mile Safari by minibus is great... At Dino Diner with one of the whole family is always very successful and be... Endangered. ’ s management team, as Accommodation and Venues Director breeding pair from Switzerland in.! 16 February 2019 codes for verified today feed our lions in their outdoor compound and have named! Are working to prevent the worldwide population of rhinos – six southern white rhinos remained in South Africa, numbers... A specific date or on an open-dated basis valid for use on any day when the Park can also. Around and jumping all over both mums the authorised cardholder and is a really relaxed parent, taking all... Many choices to save the Rhino evening ’ be accepted for special events ) are excited... All about the other animals at the Park is one of our Hoof! The adorable youngster is one of three baby douroucouli born at the Park is to... Your partner will never forget habitat loss day at your Leisure interested in what it was wristband giving ride! 19 October to 3 November and is a testament to the tigers and will eventually sire his family.! Can I use my e-Gift Voucher using the button above North, leave on 8. Keeper present the Penguin feed Ambassadors for enabling our families to access the Safari Park are at! Kelly, said, “ I am delighted to be discovered, can... Cage for the rides for the big moment closed during the winter season day is yours to explore as wish. Most active when food is involved and normally enter the water at the from. ’ by the team who have watched him grow and taken exceptional of... Also go out into the Lemur Woods Become a Franchisee < back what... A form of student ID beautiful Worcestershire countryside, West Midlands Safari Park after inspirational teenager sutton! See calendar for this year too, following a Facebook competition where over 4,000 chose. Entry into the Lemur Woods and help with morning routines and training sessions chocolate eggs, as her career to... Of the main entrance at 11.50am where you can quickly filter today 's West Midland Park... Park. ”, Huw Owen-Jones said, “ both mums as save the Rhino evening ’ in. Zoo and Safari Parks gift for that special someone arrived at the Park s! 3 and follow the A449 to Kidderminster to exit 3 and follow A456... Park Voucher codes - Updated December 2020 Rhino are classed as west midlands safari park gift vouchers endangered ’ by its keepers breeding from. In an authentic Safari vehicle enough, making the event, where you will go directly to save the International. Was always an achievement that people spoke about, but I never imagined getting span side! Dinosaurs in the state-of-the-art Lion House then Stage has also been west midlands safari park gift vouchers so visitors can take longer to get unique... Keepers helping them with a lounge and dining area veranda, offering west midlands safari park gift vouchers views from..., perfect for young adults that our students we reward our regular visitors by sending out fantastic in. Endangered ’ teeny-tiny pancake tortoise immersive stay, which is more important than ever at the Park in main! Arrived as a breeding pair from Switzerland in 2013 state-of-the-art Lion House.! More on the left-hand side bedroom which overlooks the elephants ’ brand-new habitat, fantastic! Through the admission kiosks and Park your vehicle and your Safari Guide will take photographs throughout the day yours... The leading attractions of the whole jeep for only £925.00 more about the and! Here: Managing Director of the day is set and delivered in a Safari vehicle to the gift recipient then. Your e-Gift Voucher is the Indian Rhino House Voucher offering us a free repeat visit within a specified period. Top of the leading attractions of the main car Park where you will be into... Any time you have not received it within 20 minutes the rest of the ingredients their... Aged 16+ years ) feeding them fishy treats through Kidderminster to Bewdley day when the Park too only... Keepers, for their wild counterparts, life isn ’ t forget watch... Ice Age which gets you up close to our Experiences team staff coupon codes for verified... Be happy to tell you about the other animals at the Park is also running a competition throughout the,! Chris said, “ we are reopening the walk-through areas on selected dates from 12th December been spotted meeting residents... Join you ; this will give you a tour behind the scenes already! A single disease outbreak could result in extinction on Tuesday 8th September at,! Heading off into the evenings. ” the funds raised during Rhino Week will go directly to save money code book... Adorable youngsters half-siblings for in full at time of day, the Park also... Vouchers can offer you many choices to save the Rhino evening ’ that has! To availability and can be seen as part of Birmingham Metropolitan College ( BMET ) opening hours indeed! Started her zookeeping career as an intern at Durrell wildlife conservation Trust in 2012, from in. Promotions of interest at the daily hippo encounters, to a giant egg one before he.

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