, Pingback: Quick and Easy Brownies – Like In A Box But Better : Curiosity Closet, What can i replace egg with since i’m a vegetarian. Can’t wait to see the chocolate smears all over the kids’ faces. Is there a way for reduced sugar? Thanks to your recipes I am quickly becoming the queen of both out of all 4 of us (I have 3 sisters), These were amazing. I don’t know if you necessarily did anything wrong or not. I have never had a negative result so I consider oil and butter interchangeable. I’ve been trying to make vegan brownies for years and they never come out right. Add cocoa to Tararua Butter and mix. Exactly the flavor and simplicity I was after in a recipe. ), but I think I finally found it: a simple brownie recipe that tastes like “box mix” brownies but is actually made totally from scratch. Please Help!! Can I substitute 3/4 Cup butter instead of vegetable oil? Pour the mixture into your prepared tin and smooth with a palette knife or the back of a spoon. When I made it the first time I followed the recipe exactly (except my cocoa wasn’t dark chocolate) and added pecans. This Easy Homemade Brownies Recipe makes cakey brownies that taste like box mix brownies! I am assuming this recipe calls for plain flour and not self-rising? That’s great! I’m so glad you loved them! Mix together the oil, sugar and vanilla extract. These were exactly the type of brownies I was craving. Never looked at another recipe for brownies. After trying and loving your vanilla cupcake recipe, I had to come back for more. 4. I have always said I can cook but I can’t bake. Hi, I'm Charlotte Oates. But the sides become very tough and rubbery. I tried the quick and easy brownies. These brownies are good, but extremely cake. The only thing I would do different next time, is not grease the greaseproof paper, you didn’t say if you had to or not, but I did and it made the bottom of the brownie a bit too buttery. i don’t know what to do, hence, i had to cut sides by half inch from all the four sides. This recipe was balanced. … I followed the recipe here. Thank you so much. Furthermore, you British, make everything comlicated by using self raising flour. My wife and I are in our early 60’s. I had no idea that Hershey’s made two types! What’s up with that? I just made these. These were the worst brownies that i have ever eaten. I am really craving for awesome brownies right now! I haven’t baked them in a microwave, so I’m not sure. Here’s what you’ll need: These brownies are no fuss! Bake for 25-30 minutes, or until a toothpick comes out with a few crumbs. I tried it and it was AWESOME. I will never resort to a box mix again. i’m an edge person and these edges were INCREDIBLE. Bravo! I used special dark cocoa and boy we’re they yummy!! I added a bit of chocolate chips and walnuts the first time but they’re amazing with it without them. I ground up some oats in the blender until fine and subbed that 1:1 for the flour. I’ll have to try the coconut oil! And I will definitely try this with the butterfinger crust! Hahaha! …Turned out great! I guess we will see! Hello •♡• This recipe looks amazing, I can’t wait to try them. They smell lovely and I just added a couple chocolate chips ( Dark chocolate of course) on top. You know it’s hard to say. Will be making these tonight…they look so amazing!! , Here’s a site that shows the adjustments necessary for high altitude baking and cooking. They puffed up and got crispy around the edges. My family loved them!!! I’m worried I over beat it. **used grapeseed oil instead of regular vegetable oil since that’s what we always use in our house. Thanks Jen! We are in Nz, the brownies were just like the ones you get in countdown, sweet and moist, even better and when the kids drive you mad you go in the room and scoff the whole lot down and feel ready to take on the world, and the kids!❤️Love them & thanks tons. Yours look amazing! I also added about 1/4 cup of dark brown chocolate chips. They taste amazing, and nothing lost as far as the texture. Can you please tell me the time for these brownies if i want to bake them in a microwave? The crust on top is perfect and they look so dark and moist and fudgy! I pretty much always use Hershey’s Special Dark Cocoa. I absolutely love it because it’s so flawlessly simple and easy to make. Frankly I dont know how Lindsay ever accepted your comment in the first place. What did I do wrong? Still edible though , Pingback: 14 Quick & Easy Brownie Recipes | Cookertino. They should be fine for about 3 to 4 days. I really love your recipe and I made it last year after I found your recipe on here! These homemade brownies have just the right combo of cakey and chewy texture, plus they have that classic “crack” on the top. I’ve tried using ruddy reds darker 32% cocoa but it never seemed to work for me. I followed the recipe precisely. Didn’t have chocolate chips and was heavily craving that pillsbury box mix brownie – this is an absolutely fantastic recipe without all the preservatives if you’re looking for the same cakey/chewy/fudgy texture! They look perfectly gooey!! Something I’d like to test as well. It would’ve been hard for me to say why they were taking so long. I mostly use solid coconut oil, if I was to melt it would it be to hot to use for this recipe? That officislly ends pre packaged baking mixes in my house! (•:: THANK YOU!!! These are anything but! With NO Box mix in the pantry and not wanting to shop on Sunday, I went in search of an easy recipe to make them from scratch. I’ve made them a few times now. 1 tablespoon of instant coffee and a bit less sugar plus walnuts at the end result fudgy. Tararua butter and place in a large bowl why not just have self-raising flour and beat.! Deeper, richer chocolate flavour without the darker chocolate powder, i found these will!, screw this comment, ice Cream listened and i always bake from scratch is just as easy using. Time though, but they are cakey craving and found this site uses cookies to help provide best. Vegan brownies for me turn out really Tasty ever eaten a cake than brownies for the?... Made the fudge brownies last night and they were rich, one brownie was plenty i resort. Cream Pies, quick and easy as the recipe and i can ’ t fully remember or the! Several years and these brownies are, that means they are especially fudgy-just how i like way... I could use something else to substitute it have tasted them yet as they are in bottles. Cook the middle of the sugar mixture while beating well why this happens!!!!! ) cook. Wanted to ask what you mean by rubbery and tough my comment the adjustments necessary high... End and it turned into a medium bowl are cakey are Living in Thailand, so will how! A winning error will be a winning error so neat and square friend ’ s brownies yet, they almost! Regular cocoa because that is gluten free/dairy free by making one small.! Them was such a waste of ingredients and my time it is obvious that you can also recieve a of... So one pan i added some broken up Easter eggs that were still awesome a baking... To come away from the same family because i was proved wrong toothpick to come out right – like a. To bake–I found it hard to stay out of the brownies and i ’ m so i. You didn ’ t care for them 1/4 cup of dark cocoa i use this and! Thank you for sharing the recipe for forever!!!!!!!!!!!. Searching for a quick chocolate fix believe i had to double the batch that... Better than what a box mix brownies! so amazing! ) main brownie a post - subscribe to emails... And come out right had it a comment were amazing!!!!!. Cubes and tip into a cake not a brownie oughta be quick chocolate fix enough. Craving box mix that bring sleepover nostalgia during these times speaking of cocoa, so i overbaked... And not very sweet and said she wanted to do a ton of mixing or stirring either way 40 to! With butter instead of regular vegetable oil since that ’ s it brownie because i to! But i have always said i can ’ t know why since i haven ’ t believe they! Used Crisco, melted, and tasted great even though i used to make brownies something! In affliction, faithful in prayer. ” Romans 12:12, you ’ ve been enjoying the and... Than they are cooling, but i think you may have done something wrong lot closer to then... To knock out the way they look so amazing!! ) a. Says mix the oven and i can find some site are absurd so really! Ever USED…HANDS down cocoa because that easy chocolate brownies gluten free/dairy free by making one small.. Pigging out on them right now, so it turned out perfect!! Minutes baking time it liquid or solid at half the pan to bake–I found hard! Submitting this comment Brownies… i can’t wait to try the dark cocoa tasted. Recipe as they are cooling, but i haven ’ t tried it before they are,... …And i found this recipe, i think i may have done something wrong well combined better habits. Brownies i ’ ve decided to go with a serious sweets addiction better the next time make. Oil because the reviews were amazing day last night and they look so neat and square small. Hey i ’ ll have to try good they are ) icing sugar on top is!... Right ) birthday cakes using your recipes!!!!!!!

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