If you are experiencing high temperatures, please refer to our “ Troubleshooting high CPU or GPU temps ” FAQ. Temperature is 57 up to 81 while only opening Chrome, Wallpaper Engine, and Discord. Disable it and relaunch CAM, or uninstall Vanguard/Valorant all together until CAM is patched. To elevate this you should be using the coolant ("Configure for liquid/coolant temperatures:") as the source temperature and you should lower … NZXT's CAM 3.0 is a big leap forward for system tools, and its full potential is yet to come. CAM is not showing CPU temp. Personally I'm a little disapointed as I was hoping to be able to monitor water temperature instead of CPU for spinning up pump and fans of … Press J to jump to the feed. If you’re looking for a program that will notify you when your CPU and GPU temperatures get too high, you might want to opt for NZXT CAM. Hello everyone, I have a CLC 120 RGB mounted in my RX590 with a NZXT Kraken G12, and the Flow Control app is not showing the info properly. I did purchase it then was completely overwhelmed by it so decided to just keep using nzxt cam so I removed it. These ones include a 60mm LCD screen to customize visuals and can display either system temps, CPU usage or any custom image or animated GIF using NZXT CAM. The weird thing is they show different temps together, i don't know who to trust or is there really a problem with the CPU or the thermal paste. The prior guide discussed CMOS resets, memory and VGA reseating and re-installation, and power contact checkpoints. (Image credit: NZXT) As you can see, the current temperature of this system's CPU is 41 degrees Celsius, which is a healthy idle temperature. Hi all. ASUS AI Suite displaying 53-58 C. Build: Win 10 Pro 64 bit i7 6700K OC to 4.4 ASUS Z170-A mobo 16 G GSkill Trident Z 3200 DDR4 @ 3200 CoolMaster Hyper 212 EVO Any thoughts? My CAM Powered Device Is Not Recognized; Why is Windows 10 showing a large amount of data usage for CAM? CAM was only around 1.5% CPU use according to the task manager, but apparently it was the cause of the problem. 3. 1. Hello, everyone! Since I routinely access/administer the HTPC remotely, I will stick with … Thanks! When I booted up again the cpu temps were in the 80's and 90's but still not great. I have the nzxt kraken x62. 717. ... works. CPU Die (average) 3. If your system has a higher TDP CPU, some of these rules will not apply as well. Some CPUs will not correctly report their temperatures to the software – it just depends on the CPU and the software version used. CAM does not start automatically; Why is the CAM overlay not appearing? Buy NZXT Kraken X53 240mm - RL-KRX53-01 - AIO RGB CPU Liquid Cooler - Rotating Infinity Mirror Design - Improved Pump - Powered By CAM V4 - RGB Connector - 2 x Aer P120 120mm Radiator Fans with fast shipping and top-rated customer service. Close. Does CAM work with Third (3rd?) Then check CAM and look inside the Kraken section to see what the pump RPM is reporting. Posted by 11 days ago. Hello, i have recently build my new pc with 8700k cpu and my cooler is nzxt kraken x62, didnt overclock it yet because i have very bad temps while im gaming i have switch ofc to performance (fans and pump) my temps goes from 50 to 86 C and i dont have stable temps for example (30 -50 then 35 then 40 etc). I have this issue for 2 days now. NZXT CAM. MB is an Asus Rog Strix x99 Gaming and an i7-6900k. For Z63 and Z73 coolers, you do not need such a driver. This is something we achieve from the Movies tab of your initial window. Hello, everyone! I would send some pictures of your setup to NZXT support and ask them for advice on what to try. The "CPU Die (average)" is not a real temp. It is … I only show "1" and when I click it I do not see anything to do with CPU. It has a mode that tells you the temp, load, clock and fan speed of your CPU… Kraken M22. Then check CAM and look inside the Kraken section to see what the pump RPM is reporting. Now there are some out there that may be newer CPU's, that the writer of Core Temp needs the logs from the program, in order to update. Just wondering if I can configure my iCUE to display the CPU temp instead of the H100i temp. For Z63 and Z73 coolers, you do not need such a driver. Can the thing keep it cool enough just using those settings? Also a really strange glitch as well, now my MSI Kombustor x64 crashes every single time I try to load it up while MSI Afterburner is running. Verify that all of the cables are connected correctly. You can use the CAM Software to check for high temperatures. CAM is also crashing unexpectedly, just stops working after a while. CAM showing N/A for CPU Temp, and not controlling Kraken fans Hello, I just got a new MB and CPU swapped in. Newegg shopping upgraded ™ Skip to main content. If your CAM powered device is still not recognized in CAM, then you will need to remove the current driver from your system for that hardware. Hey there, **Update: AMD Ryzen 5000 series CPU’s are supported in NZXT CAM as of v4.16.0** We just wanted to let you know that there is an issue where AMD Ryzen 5000 series CPU temperatures are not displaying in NZXT CAM. I guess I know why now. It can perform In-Game monitoring for current FPS, CPU/GPU temperatures, time played, battery level, CPU/GPU load, etc. After this, restart your PC and check CAM again for your Kraken M22. Check and see if the pump cable is connected to the CPU_Fan header on your motherboard. Why are my games crashing when CAM is on? This CPU monitoring software was released quite recently and thus offers various latest features and options to the user. This is from a cold reboot to starting and closing CAM software so I presume the initiallization process and a few updates on CPU temp. Temperature bouncing up and down at idle is the status quo with modern CPUs and therefore, your fans will be ramping up and down in (near) sync with the CPU temperature I do note that your pump/fan curves are flat to 60°C and 45°C respectfully. bob16314 Yep, CPU cores and package temperature only..At the top of HWM, open the dropdowns. Any thoughts? Cheers! NZXT CAM … Hello Everyone! I'm not very experienced at PC building (mine was put together for me last summer by NZXT) so it's been really difficult trying to find a reason for why this is happening. ... 2018 @ 2:05am You can use either MSI afterburner or NZXT cam for ingame monitoring, personally I like NZXT cam but find Afterburner … Playing SWBF2 and CAM displaying 67-72 C for CPU. You may have to try a few tools to get accurate readings. ... More posts from the NZXT community. Just do a simple tweak to get maximum performance from CPU and GPU. The user should watch out for anything over 90C. Yeah, I do the first patch worked normally but when I think about the day I updated Valorant my CAM stopped working. NZXT CAM is a free app with a clean graphical interface that will show you the temp of your CPU / GPU as well as a bunch of other details including system specs. Check the temperature of your GPU through CAM. 3. i have an issue with my tempreture not working correctly for my CPU.