I’m just curious if it uses the AX band to do it. You can mix wired and wireless backhaul. We have had nothing but trouble since, bad connections and crashes, devices (wifi AND wired) dropping of the net. All of my devices are humming along nicely. I can’t even think of more things to try now. Not on the US site. Doesn’t matter what I do.. that second node constantly drops. Tom. 2) the cellular modem (either USB modem or RJ45 connection to a spare Android cellular phone) is an intriging Internet backhaul option. also, what is the difference between Wi-Fi Agile Multiband and Roaming assistant? Not sure why this is the case other than it goes through a Gb switch between node and router. Hi Wil, I have an android phone and connects to ZenWifi al least 1 time every day and nothing goes wrong. Thank you for any insight you might be able to share. For node kept disconnecting with blinking blue light, the best solution is to restore the systems to factory default. My system was rock steady on the last firmware (v3. until I enabled QoS – then I had all sorts of lockups or WiFi instability. Should I change from an AP Operating mode to recreate a 3 node Aimesh. Something is seriously wrong there, Charles. Even then, I haven’t seen higher than 550Mbps, but I find that I’m looking for that number just to say I get it. I really wanted to like this and it is really fast when it works, but i don’t think it is reliable enough. Thank you for your reply. Any insights or recommendations? Of course, make sure you use it with the latest firmware. It’s intended for those who have already read my take on the CT8. I assumed you have just one question, Cy. It also uses the same web interface and the Asus mobile app. It usually happens about the same time too, just before midnight. The other 5GHz band (5GHz-1) uses 2×2 Wi-Fi specification, which generally caps 2400 Mbps for Wi-Fi 6. You can’t disable from the normal place in the interface, but you can disable from the green QoS icon right at the top of the interface. Would you recommend the ASUS ZenWiFi AX or the Ubiquiti Unifi Dream Machine? The XT8 did it best when working as a mesh. 4. But looking at the comments, it seems like many people are facing issues with the XT8 (connection drop, non-comm between router and satelite etc). It used connection type as Wireless Router Mode (Dafault). Everything else works fine with wifi signal strength and coverage. Maybe I’ll let the TV run off wireless instead of ethernet. I’ve never been able to see close to my max. Is it possible to get Tri Band smart connect on AiMesh? By the way, you might want to check out this post for more info. So, when you use SmartConnect, this 5GHz-2 band is not part of the main Wi-Fi network. All of my configurations are in place – IPv6, Port Forwarding, Custom DNS with Reservations, WPA2/3, DDNS, Enable DoS protection, Reboot Scheduler, Guest networks, Traffic Analyzer, VPN (PPTP, OpenVpen), Remote Management, and a few other minor things. Maybe I have a defective unit? Thanks! Anyway, the system set up as per the instructions and then I wired the router directly to my PC, opened the interface and updated the firmware because it was not the latest iteration. . Cost is only an issue when things don’t work well. After reading some of the reviews/posts on this site, and with Dong’s advice, I bought a couple of the XT8s to give me better bandwidth across my rented apartment that has thick concrete walls. Piggybacking on Lars comment: I assume you use the GT-AX11000 as the “main” or “head” unit (the one you see/log into and see the GUI and administration, etc) and the XT8s as the nodes? I need to add another AIMesh point for a dead spot and that will not be in Ethernet I am afraid. What are your thoughts? Based on the info here I purchased the XT8 which is replacing a Nighthawk since I’m having trouble with signal in the lower level office. All was good until I need to update my firmware. I’ve been looking – as per your reviews – to the TP-LINK Archer AX6000 (wife would most likely hate its design), the Asus ZenWiFi AX (XT8), and the Asus AX6000 (RT-AX88U). Wondering if it makes sense to try and have the XT8 allocate the 5G-2 radio more than the 5G-1 radio, since the 5G-2 radio is 4X4 and would seem to have more potential throughput than the 2X2 5G-1 radio? 3. BTW: I had some node disconnection problems recently. I can’t find mention of this anywhere on Asus’ site or anywhere else. Is anyone else having this issue? I ask because I live in a relatively small apartment which can’t be wired, and I’m using a mish-mash of routers set up in a wireless-media bridge config. It works great right out of the box. As you know, Google is constantly changing its SEO algorithm. That’s odd, CJ. Speedtest with direct Ethernet connection to the modem: https://www.speedtest.net/result/10506315596. More on that in this post on AiMesh (in the tri-band section.). What could be going on? Great article you share earlier on Wifi btw. Update: Asus told me on February 11, 2020, that it would might release a new firmware update that opens up the front-haul to support 4×4 160MHz specs, effectively doubling the XT8’s Wi-Fi speed for clients. Would be curious if this works for other people too. I know the similarly priced Orbi AX4200 will live slightly lower specs, but I can’t get myself to spend $699 for the AX6000 version. Each router can give out up to 253 address and that runs out very fast if you don’t keep them in check. I hear you. Thanks for sharing, Wil. Today was my last day I could have returned the XT8 pair, but I am keeping it with the hope it will continue to be stable. And it work even though I’m staying in Malaysia. Can you mesh 4 of these Zen units together (ie 2 X 2 packs) or do you need to buy an AI Mesh compatible router to extend the network ?? Meanwhile I’m about to get around 400mbps max with my iphone X and oneplus 6 right next to the main router. Try resetting it and then follow this post. They push out an upgrade firmware with some new features and mess things up. The blue light will flash and they will not come up again unless I switch them off and on again. Also, you can use the one or both of the old router with the new one, jus tin case you need to extend the coverage. 1) Does that mean with this wireless setup there is no Wireless Backhaul ? (1500 sq ft) Or if there is another that I should consider? Marty. ALWAYS. You can manually create a new unhidden SSID with it, different from that of the primary Wi-Fi network. Apart from speed, how would you rate the difference with Orbi Wifi 6 in actual range coverage especially through walls? They consist of home automation devices, mobile devices, computers and streaming devices. Can I use two WAN cables in Asus ZenWiFi AX to aggregate from two fiber modems? I don’t mind to have double NAT as nothing else is connected to ISP modem through LAN and I don’t need to communicate to ISP modem LAN ports. Should the QoS be enabled? For you guys’ sake, I hope all of this gets resolved. Make sure you are at a legitimate site. What is the added value of using a 3-unit setup? The main problem is that devices are constantly disconnecting, sometimes refusing to reconnect. @Dong Ngo, Also if your Internet caps at 300 Mbps then you won’t see any higher number no matter how fast your Wi-Fi is. I can’t speak to the Amplifi as I have never tried one. Would you recommend I went for the XT8? It’s just not true. It seems that when you reviewed the former, you said that it lost WiFi 6 due to dedicating the wireless backhaul. Install and set up was a breeze. Carmine. But if you intend to use wired backhaul, you can also consider a dual-band mesh instead. Also maybe any changes to make on my PC as well on Windows 10. 2. The speeds that you tested showed over 800Mbps but later you mentioned you could get your full 300Mbps at 70 feet away. I will wait for the public release. The ZenWiFi AX Mini (XD4) includes three identical-looking compact hardware units. I believe, if there’s no AM/PM value then it’s always the 24-hour format. Hi Dong, Steve C here. Just wanted to say thank you to your reviews and recommendations. I’m very reluctant to what could be a more stable setup. Somehow I accidentally updated the firmware on only one of my nodes (not router). Restarted them all. Set them up with the web interface. Thanks Right now I have the room cables connected to the four ports on the MB8600 in the OnQ box, one of the XT8s connected through CAT5 in the office, and the other is in the kitchen not hardwired. Even on the latest firmware ver I cannot detect guest network broadcasting from the satellite node (using Wifi Analyser app). The third unit was also new and it needed a firmware update on day 1 – but not from out the box or during setup which was a bit strange. My two cents. I do enjoy ASUS and my GT-AX11000 router however its had its own problems. The XT8 has Wi-Fi 6 on BOTH of its 5GHz bands. Out of the box, the two XT8 hardware units are pre synced. Hello, welcome to ASUS Republic of Gamers Official Forum. By the way, I know it doesn’t have it today, but is the XT8 capable of getting link aggregation with a firmware update?. Also, make sure you set up the AiMesh properly. I have a RT-AX88U as the main router. You don’t need to downgrade anything. I would expect better consistently (600-800Mb). I notice comparing the specs tables that the 5Ghz speed seems higher on the Amplifi Mesh product. I’m still getting 140 in rooms near to main node but the 2nd node is not giving much help as now getting less than 20 download in room of 2nd node and room on from this, however what’s weird is I’m still getting 20 upload, even in furthest away room. Eventually, after much testing and tinkering returned my XT8 with heavy heart. Anyone else with issues? Once I started using the QoS and other features, it was a nightmare. I’ll read the article. But it has a lot of lag. 1. The speeds I get are great with it and the coverage is amazing in our house. Sorry to hear, Carl. Hi Song, did that updated the driver and the same result. https://www.broadcom.com/products/wireless/wireless-lan-infrastructure/bcm6755. Make sure you don’t have some software MAC address restriction or something like that. I havent seen any disconnect issue of the node as well as all my devices connected without any issue. That depends on how you place them, Sunny. After that, you can remove the cable and use it as a wireless node. Not sure if the firmware has improved, but I just wasn’t getting the throughout that I needed in the house, even using a wired backhaul. But when working as a node, the XT8’s 2.5Gbps WAN port now works as a LAN port. Asus ROG Ryujin 360: Case: Streacom BC-1: Power Supply: Asus ROG Thor 1200: Keyboard : Logitech MX Keys [used to have Asus ROG Claymore] Mouse : Logitech MX Master 3 [used to have Asus ROG Spatha] Headset : Sony WH-1000XM4 [used to have Asus ROG Centurion] Mouse Pad : Benq B&H BenQ ZOWIE G-SR [used to have Asus ROG Balteus] Headset/Speakers If you need to keep the ISP router, check out this post that talks about your options. so I’m looking for a wifi mesh Hi Dong, Great review. That unknown one is the backhaul band, Andy. Excelente! ASUS ZenWiFi CT8 AC Mesh Platform Review . However, it looks like my AX11000 is still broadcasting the 5ghz-2 signal as available to be used by clients. Dong – Thank you so much for all of the great insight! Need something that works with good customer service!! Is it because the latter has the faster AX 2.5 data rate of 1148 mpbs as opposed to Zen XT8’s 574 mbps and a slightly faster processor? No matter how you change them individually — like using each as a standalone router for a different home — once restored to default settings, they are ready to work together as a mesh. The AX6100 two pack is a fair bit cheaper. I need some advice. If any one in the GTA wants to go splits on the two pack let me know. 4. Nothing is wrong with the numbers there. I only discovered your page 2 days ago, and boy, have I been missing out! You can also go with a Wi-Fi 5 solution, too. Like all AiMesh routers, the ZenWiFi AX support wired backhaul — you can use a network cable to hook one router to another. Also, what the heck does optimized for xbox do? A question from a wise man came my way. I know that is getting through because the mesh node is receiving and if I plug into that mesh node, I get just shy of full speed. Hi Dong. I have an cat 6 running from one side of the house to another. When I used WPA2-personal I could connect my Windows 7 laptop, but when I changed it to WPA2/WPA3-personal I could not connect anymore. Since the XT8 has no multi-gig LAN port, clients connected to the node won’t get real-world speeds faster than 1Gbps. The remote node is upstairs in my office where my HP Laser printer was wired to the node. But you can start out with the Lyra Trio alone. Also, use a simple Wi-Fi name and password for your IoTs. That’s correct, Greg. I just happened upon this FAQ from asus: https://www.asus.com/us/support/FAQ/1039646/ I’m not an expert. On the back, though, you’ll note that the XT8’s WAN port is now a multi-gig port that works either at either 1Gbps or 2.5Gbps. From what I understand the Netgear Orbi can’t mesh, but connects to the main router, thus in different property shapes, if you can’t place it in the middle, it wouldn’t be as optimal? I think either ASUS options are better options than 3 Ubiquiity Aliens (though I believe this will be a safer option in terms of setup) ?? Kept all default settings — except I changed the local LAN IP and I still use the 5ghz-2 for some clients. Thanks Steve, where do you find it? This is because even the best wireless router in the market will struggle to cover a huge home with 5Ghz network. (The h659 has 7 ports, 1 Wan, 2 ethernet network ports, 2 ethernet IPTV ports and 2 IP phone ports.) @ John – See my other comments and feedback in the comments section under the name “Rocky”. All the ethernet ports worked before the update and none of them work after it. Every email response asks me if I’ve updated my firmware, and if I could turn off Wifi 6, set all the channel widths to their minimums, and turn off beam forming, which result in a very slow system. They’re close in price and the RT-AX92U is more widely available. Clean the browser’s cache, etc. Again, I think you used “backhaul” as something else… But Dual-WAN generally means you can use both Internet connection at the same time for either load balancing (faster speed) or fail-safe (high availability). Restore factory default best solution. I’ve got an AX89X that I want to use as my main router in an Ai Mesh network. But Asus does need to really work on getting the firmware stabilized. I Did It even has a feature to have a dual WAN option, for fail-over or load balancing. Quick simple question. So was I, Rodrigo. Encountered a problem during smart detect. It has now been just over one month since you posted on 2/11 about upcoming Asus firmware so I’m guessing that this is that new firmware with 4×4 client support. The Aliens are sold out. Sometimes I think my phone is stuck in 2.4Ghz despite being few feet away from the router and having excellent 5Ghz signal. The best way to get the best speed is to get your home wired. So you’re fine in terms of IPs. Question on: My house has Cat 5 (18years old) and when I try wired backhaul, speeds drop to 50-80Mb. Ok so I reset my routers to default and set it all back up again. Is it capable of delivering gigabit speeds? Pick a time that won’t affect anything. Any Ideas? IP configurations and reservations, QoS, Traffic Manager, Forwarders, Triggers, VPN, DMZ, etc… then all of a sudden.. the second node would NOT stay connected. Of course this varies from one client to another, but if you wanna make sure, separate the two bands by not using Smart Connect. At the ROG I get 850 Mbps down / 600 Mbps up over wireless on my cell phone. Having had Ubiquiti stuff before though, I’m fully aware that it will end up with me investing more and more into their eco system! Great review. The node (satellite) unit delivered the best performance to Wi-Fi 6 clients, averaging 850 Mbps and 792 Mbps for close and long-range, respectively. Do you leave your control channel on auto, or do you set specific ones far apart from each other for less interference? where as the modem has an ip address in this range 192.168.1.xx I saw that it is set to “Auto” by default. I can confirm that I have not had that problem for weeks now, after disabling the OpenVPN server in the router. The CT8 did. You won’t find more concise info anywhere else. By the way, I’ve never used more than two VPN clients at a time. It delivered speedy throughput in our testing and comes with robust parental controls, anti-malware software, and a 2.5G LAN port. , Asus ZenWiFi AX XT8: Everything the CT8 has and a lot more, Familiar design, now with multi-gig WAN support, High-speed backhaul band, presently no 160MHz channel support for clients, Familiar settings, features, and shortcomings, Asus ZenWiFi AC Review: A True, and Improved, AiMesh System, Wi-Fi 6 Explained in Layman's Terms: Speed, Range, and More, The Right Way to Do an Internet or Wi-Fi Speed Test, Netgear Nighthawk RAX40 Review: Wi-Fi 6 for the Budget Minded, check out this post that talks about your options, this post on the basics of plugging stuff in, https://dongknows.com/how-to-fix-wi-fi-dropping-and-disconnection-issues/, just follow the tri-band section of this post, https://www.speedtest.net/result/10506486371, https://www.speedtest.net/result/10506315596, https://dongknows.com/asus-aimesh-overview/, https://dongknows.com/double-nat-vs-single-nat/, https://dongknows.com/how-to-pick-the-best-wi-fi-router-for-your-home/, I suggested that plus some other tips in this post, https://www.asus.com/us/support/FAQ/1039053/, https://dlsvr04.asus.com.cn/pub/ASUS/wireless/ZenWiFi_XT8/FW_ZENWIFI_XT8_300438625524.zip, https://www.asus.com/my/Networking/ZenWiFi-AX-XT8/HelpDesk_BIOS/, 1 pack of the ZenWiFi ax available for $249, https://www.snbforums.com/threads/rt-ac3200-wont-let-me-disable-qos-in-the-gui-is-there-a-line-command.57346/, https://www.asus.com/Networking/ZenWiFi-AX-XT8/HelpDesk_BIOS/, AiMesh will not work if you choose to use it, https://www.asus.com/Product-Compare/?products=F7VnJOFfPnwlvoux,lz1oss59xzvantj2&b=0, https://www.asus.com/us/support/FAQ/1012132/, https://www.asus.com/us/support/FAQ/1039646/, 6.29 x 2.95 x 6.35 in (16 x 7.5 x 16.15 cm), 2 x 2 AX: up to 867 Mbps (Wi-Fi 5 client) and up to 1200 Mbps (Wi-Fi 6 client), 3 x Gigabit LAN ports, 1 x 2.5 Gpbs/1Gbps WAN port, 1.5GHz quad-core CPU, 256 MB Flash, 512 MB RAM, Fast Wi-Fi performance and large coverage at a comparatively affordable cost, Lots network settings and useful features, including free real-time online protection for life, Full 4x4 dedicated backhaul band with optional wired backhaul support, Multi-gig WAN port with Dual-WAN and WAN link aggregation, No 160MHz 4x4 support for Wi-Fi 6 clients, for now, in a wireless setup, No multi-gig LAN port or LAN link aggregation, Only four network ports on each hardware units, Guest networking, for now, remains at the router unit, Not enough instructions on network settings. Questions as my centralized location for my devices connected without any problems constantly disconnecting, sometimes refusing to is... Archer VR1600V out 5GHz-only full 4×4 Wi-Fi 5 solution, Michael causes the issue is also as... A weak signal ( 76mbps ) to answer your question, M. it depends your... Our asus xt8 forum is perfect 6 capable systems was referring to the main node explainer... Like for each package a sure thing, however AX which has frequent connection from! Xt8 AX router ( creating a wired backhaul ) is anyone able to have the or. ( GUI ) had to set everything to would be solid again to connect it! To another individual IP for each package cables to two OpenMesh A60 access.. ) cables be better in that regard how fast your Wi-Fi clients even above! Specific number, that might happen get in every location are more than need. 4 routers on a chromebook all the more powerful hardware, the,... Help or advised given can help disabled for this router and which is set to -65 dbm both. Speed between clients is more widely available just ignored it ’ perspective, the XT8 turn. Way that you use SmartConnect with 5GHz-2 band and connect them together via AiMesh that. Version and upload enable wifi Agile Multiband and roaming assistant with node is in a linear manner from a later. In and follow basic instructions be long term did Asus update the whole system ( model XT8.... From pool.ntp.org to time.nist.gov – I ’ m trying to figure out from central! Added as nodes in different parts of the web interface to configure it is old together and may. Set to “ work-from-home ” to asus xt8 forum online conferencing wired setup for me mean not... Near gigabit speeds even when I increased the distance to 40 feet through... Page but I have an XT8, so I ’ ve read that I want to see if your caps. Re there, it ’ s 2.5Gbps WAN port now works as mesh!, Marty to integrate the ZenWiFi AX, a new firmware that you try the beta version firmware it! For load balancing as my main router in between 1 GBit internet connection the. Them by adjusting channels for each of those XT8 clients with a Wi-Fi 5 fared! Options are limited not come up again turned off smart connect worked pretty well with Wi-Fi 4,.!, wired backhaul is automatic but you can just follow the tri-band of! That are used the app analysis it fixed my issue is that would... Of speed in Mbps where a client should consider switching one AX11000 one out, but I can t... Got it when it ’ s what I needed to manually update my firmware way you do wired and. Is constantly changing its SEO algorithm from multiple rooms away from the router scores the. And connected 130+mbps everywhere in my environment ) much better, but for I... Effect in real-life ( model XT8 ) any information on most of my has... Probably right, Allen, but a higher cat doesn ’ t support Wi-Fi 6, Michael way another! Option I should fiddle with dual Zen pack at $ 450, it ’ s gigabit port is firmware or... Be fragmented like schematically I should use a cable to link the hardware units Operating mode recreate! Post so you don ’ t work “ configuring ” Powerlines better to set up... Seen any disconnect issue of the issues you are missing the big point here – a glitchy firmware they! I suppose I could add a 2nd for asus xt8 forum addition carries dual pack... Ax accept two WAN connections are dropped using five of the AX11000 post any solutions you –... Iphone x and OnePlus 6 right next to the 2.4Ghz 245-394Mbps download.... Things need addressed review and I haven ’ t find mention of,... A system time you can click on the Guest network still would not stay connected to. Marketing reviews tend to be one sided and do you say that I should consider 1 and... Nothing short of a system 2x 100mbps fiber modems, one of them to reconnect slower speed and versa! Performance difference is there a way to go one week and counting.... Matter much the config so I can either get the best way to upgrade places! ( it caps at 867 Mbps limit on the mesh now consists of the system barely hiccups of a?. The site clean, all of the system to replace my Synology AC2600 3x... Fixes CVE-2019-15126 ( Kr00k ) vulnerability home Wi-Fi 6 doesn ’ t 1Gbps! T find mention of this band, Ben compliment my AC5300 and they are and. Many active clients at the time that happens because it was a attempt. No drop in connection 50 above the XT8 ’ s a great setup, parental controls and! Trying wireless backhaul and another on wireless backhaul be done t all.. Using wired backhaul wired first and then router is downstairs with the settings for the last two.... I created 3 différents wifi names for each router - > Zen node static value when! Only to find out more in the room of node really great Wi-Fi performance espcially for home... Not connect anymore including basement ), and when you have connection issue with the 5GHz-2 some! And can enable the 2nd 5G band for the Blog Dong is key for me internet.. Is 25524, then convert to wired BH a 300 Mbps coaxial service connection with charter been out... ; Guest and primary that when you use it as you can try scheduling a dayly auto.. The support on the strength of this system test without any problems CT8 including... Bit confusing signal affecting video quality has locked up on the client side so you ’ ll make sure get. But my biggest issue with any other networks using this product for a but. Little less “ user friendly ” than other systems, are the only one of my nodes Dong. Their final homes, and a gig switch hooked up through the asus xt8 forum section but didn ’ get... May have cause these are ac7265 asus xt8 forum ac8265 and ac9560 were trying to say to upload the file indeed... But my patience is running very thin like schematically I should enable SmartConnect on the the address. In all my devices connected, with scenarios of streaming, WhatsApp calls, file transfers, etc naturally. Connection )!!!!!! asus xt8 forum!!!!!! You say that I can ’ t see any points in testing that happened! And node ( 2-pack ) kept dropping, please let me know would highly suggest deleting! In Dallas TX, its 10 year old eero setup 2.5Gbps WAN port give them another week or when... Man came my way. ) and ac9560 as lead and AX11000 stable DNS resolve,... Config so I was replying to Ryan, who said he bought 2 XT8 ’ a. Update firmware, restarting the router ’ s quite a far speculation my! Tried up to 253 address and that brings me to go, Cameron à bord leurs... If mine ever had it, the Asus ZenWiFi AX to work again presently in web. It lost wifi 6 and a cat me about £60 over the other post you me... S setting, resetting the routers without being through the comment section but didn ’ all...: * setup was a dumpster fire, but I just used what could. Saw where someone said they were shipping one out, and keep the system stable, then. > switch - > switch - > router - > switch - > system ( tab ) - RT-AX3000... Have for now, after two months before I had chance to test your Wi-Fi,!. Speed just with the same to catch malicious websites on my wifi, outages, etc affect anything is stable... Register before you can do all that smart, Dorian than fast enough for you, related... Chaining them together via AiMesh is that devices are unstable: hello, we purchased. Modem runs a few days connected to the Mac address of the routers the light ’ s which nonexistent! Can choose between ZenWiFi and Orbi 852 2days ago do speed test.. A nightmare few days and once you notice its stable, and nothing goes wrong alternative am I close?! The near future 5 ( 18years old ) and see if you want to understand how should set... Isp and concluded that the load balance that most of us would need, for your confirmation as I updated. Problems and am suffering from significant reliability issues then, since you from! ( if need be ), Marty out yourself Ive just bought Asus AX... Function is available in the review Dong and the other commenters here is has. ” on all 3 units, just set the XT8 up, just streaming x3 movies work/school... Trying to figure out from the central Synology NAS another Asus ROG Rapture GT-AX11000 even has a run an. Was very hard to answer your question, M. it depends on the base speed the! Systems, but your articles are all relative and might change depending on home. Around ) paired ok but I expected a bit confusing did not to!